EIP-3074 Explained ✨

How the latest Ethereum proposal will transform web3 wallets, when it will go live, and what it means for onchain adoption.

Last week, EIP-3074 was approved to go live on Ethereum.

This is one of the biggest Ethereum proposals in years — transforming web3 wallets and making them simpler, cheaper, & more powerful.

TLDR: EIP-3074 gives smart contract capabilities to externally owned accounts (EOAs). EOAs are the wallets most of us use today — like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.

These smart contract capabilities include gasless transactions, wallet asset recovery, batch transactions, & more.

But wait, doesn’t account abstraction already do that?

Yes, smart accounts have those features & onboard users to web3 more easily — but they have some UX issues too, such as:

  • Needing ETH to interact with web3 apps

  • Signing transactions for every onchain action

  • No wallet recovery if you lose your keys

So how does EIP-3074 work? What does it mean for users? And when will it go live? Learn about all of the above (& more) in our full breakdown:

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🖼️ Guide: Create an NFT Minting Farcaster Frame

We launched a Farcaster Frame that enabled users to mint NFTs directly from a post — and created a guide for you to do the same:

  • Deploy an NFT smart contract in a few clicks

  • Drop it into a Farcaster Frame

  • Allow users to mint NFTs from the frame, on any EVM chain

Build your own NFT Minting Frame on Farcaster — in under 10 minutes:

🚢 thirdweb Changelog: Weekly Product Updates

Here are some of the updates we’ve made in the past few weeks:

We’re constantly shipping product updates to make thirdweb better. Get the latest updates in our Changelog.

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