Web3 is getting an upgrade ⚡

Introducing thirdweb Engine: The complete web3 backend. Build scalable onchain apps with backend wallets, smart contract APIs, & infrastructure in a few clicks.

Let’s face it, building a production-grade web3 app is time consuming & complex.

Developers need a backend that:

◆ Scales with user growth
◆ Has good security practices
◆ Can handle blockchain complexity

This friction has prevented the industry from uncovering breakout consumer apps — today we’re fixing this.

We’re excited to launch thirdweb Engine — the all-in-one backend for web3 apps:

→ Secure backend wallets with gas-optimized transaction queueing
→ APIs to read & write to any smart contract, on every EVM
→ Infra for account abstraction, gasless txs, & auth

… and it’s completely open-source!

Engine is already powering web3 apps and experiences from the biggest names in the industry, including Coinbase, Infinigods and CoolCats.

Coinbase leveraged Engine to launch Stand With Crypto, an advocacy hub aiming to unlock crypto's potential & foster economic freedom in the US.

Since its founding in April 2023, it has amassed:

◆ 500,000+ crypto advocates
◆ $87M+ USD raised
◆ 165,000+ policymaker contacts

The platform empowers thousands of new advocates each day to take action — and rewards them with advocacy NFTs. Engine provided the perfect UX:

◆ NFTs airdropped to users' wallets on Base
◆ No need to pay gas or sign transactions
◆ No wallet or crypto needed

Deploy an instance today, or book a demo. 👇