The future of gaming is here ✨

We're partnering with Treasure to power web3 game developers on the Treasure Chain. Apply for a grant.

Today, we’re excited to become the official web3 development platform for Treasure & all games in its ecosystem. Together, we’re bringing best-in-class tools (& grants) to every game developer on the Treasure Chain.

Treasure is building the decentralized game console — an interconnected network of 10+ games, chains, & communities.

With this partnership, thirdweb’s full stack will be available on Treasure and Infinity Chains from day 1 — with tools for:

Frontend: Client-side SDKs to connect users to web3
Backend: Scalable contract APIs backed by secure wallets
Onchain: Pre-built & extendable contracts

We’re also excited to empower game developers with two grant programs:

Kickstart Grant: Get up to $500 + 30 days of free Growth support
Game Builders Program: Get up to $5,000 + 30 days of free Pro support

The future of gaming is here. Learn more & apply for the grant programs: