The final boss of web3 adoption 👾

The Cancun upgrade (EIP-4844) is coming, expected to cut gas fees on Ethereum L2s by 10-100x. Plus, try the ultimate web3 PWA mobile stack!

EIP-4844 Explained: The final boss of web3 adoption? 👀 

The average cost to complete a transaction on Ethereum is $26 — but 99% of users won’t pay that much to use an app.

Introducing EIP-4844: A proposal that aims to reduce gas fees on Layer 2 networks by 10-100x.

This is a huge deal! Transactions on L2s are cheap, but not cheap enough: we need to get them to fractions of cents to support mass-scale web3 applications — from social media platforms to onchain games.

And EIP-4844 (aka the Cancun upgrade) is the best path to making Ethereum a viable platform for a global, accessible digital economy.

So how does it work? Will it really fix gas fees? And when is it coming?

Learn all of the above (& more) in our 5-minute explainer on EIP-4844:

📹️ YouTube: Create Smart Wallets for your App with Account Abstraction (ERC-4337)

In this video, learn how to auto-generate wallets for your app’s users — using account abstraction (ERC-4337) for a powerful auth experience:

  • Allow users to log into a web3 app with just a username & password

  • Automatically generate a non-custodial wallet when they sign in

  • Create a gasless & signless UX with no fees or transaction popups

And did we mention it works across devices & platforms (web & mobile)?

🔥 Launch: The Ultimate Web3 Mobile Stack for PWAs

📹️ YouTube Tutorial: How to Add a ‘Connect Wallet’ Button to Any App or Website

In this video, learn how to add a Connect Wallet button to any website or app — with built-in web3 wallet onboarding & full customizability. We’ll take you step-by-step through:

  • Adding the Connect Wallet button to your app with 1 line of code

  • Allowing users to sign in with 170+ wallet options including non-custodial (Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, WalletConnect), multisig (Safe), email & social login wallets (Paper), and MPC wallets

  • Customizing the Connect Wallet UI component to match your app’s branding & enabling any EVM chains that you want to support

🚀 Publish: Create Landing Pages for your Smart Contracts

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