mint to support Optimism. πŸ“©βœ¨

Welcoming OP Mainnet to the Onchain Olympics β›“πŸŽ–

It's day 7 of the Onchain Olympics! β›“πŸ…

Today we're diving into OP Mainnet by Optimism

OP Mainnet is an L2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum that aims to bring ultra-fast and cheap transactions to developers.

β†’ Optimistic rollup
β†’ Launched in 2021

OP Mainnet benefits from being the heart of the Superchain.

The Superchain is an ecosystem of L2 chains built using a the OP stack, enabling seamless cross-chain communication and scalability.

Support OP Mainnet in the Onchain Olympics by minting a commemorative NFT β€” holders of the NFT will receive future perks:

β—† Gasless deployments
β—† Free smart account txns for users
β—† Gasless dashboard actions