buy crypto with your card, w/ thirdweb & Stripe ✨

Seamless crypto onramp with thirdweb Pay and Stripe.

Huge news!

We made it really easy for users to buy crypto with just a credit card, directly in any app.

We’ve been working with the Frenpet team to implement a flow for their users to top up their accounts quickly, using a familiar fiat checkout.

This lets players have a better experience without leaving the app — killing friction, reducing churn, & generating more revenue.

This flow is powered by thirdweb Pay and Stripe — allowing users to buy crypto with a credit card or debit card, or with any other crypto token (on any chain) via cross-chain swapping & bridging.

This enables features like:

  • Adding funds to an EOA or in-app wallet without leaving your app or game

  • Earning fees on every Buy with Crypto transaction

  • Onramping funds at the point of purchase for any transaction

And the best part?

thirdweb Pay is free to integrate for devs and is now available for early access on the following 9 chains. To enable Pay on your chain, reach out to our team here.

Add onchain payments to your app or book a demo with our team: 👇️ ✨