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Introducing our new Connect SDK: A lightweight, blazing-fast EVM SDK for building web3 apps. Install in 1 package.

Introducing the new thirdweb Connect SDK — a lightweight, blazing-fast, feature-complete EVM SDK. It’s installable in 1 package, and comes with:

• In-App Wallets + Account Abstraction
• IPFS storage, RPCs, auto ABI resolution
• Tools for payments, bridging, and swapping
• Support for 350+ web3 wallets
• Open-source

Our new SDK offers the complete toolkit for building TypeScript, React, & React Native web3 apps — and is 10x faster & 30x lighter than before.

One command → everything you need to build a web3 app:

npm i thirdweb

See the GitHub repo & get started with the best SDK in the industry:

🍜 Case Study: Ramen Wars Onboards Thousands to Web3

Onboard everyone to your web3 app or game.

This month, KPRVERSE launched Ramen Wars — a browser game where:

→ Users can sign in with an email or Google account
→ Players can buy assets with a credit card
→ NFT rewards are airdropped to their wallets (no gas)

In just 3 weeks, the game saw 8,000+ unique players onboarded & 5,500+ in-game boosts purchased.

We’re proud to have powered Ramen Wars’ seamless onboarding and smooth UX — helping build interoperable games for all. Learn more:

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🚢 thirdweb Changelog: Weekly Product Updates

Here are some of the updates we’ve made in the past few weeks:

We’re constantly shipping product updates to make thirdweb better. Get the latest updates in our Changelog.

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