Generate more revenue 💰

Introducing thirdweb Pay: Onramp users to your app with credit card or cross-chain crypto. Integrate in minutes, for free.

Let’s face it: Using web3 apps is still too hard.

For a new user to transact in an onchain app, they must create a web3 wallet, buy crypto from a fiat onramp provider, transfer funds, bridge to the correct L2, and swap to the app’s token… until now.

Introducing thirdweb Pay — the complete point-of-sale payments solution for onchain apps:

  • Accept credit card payments for any crypto asset

  • Bridge & swap crypto into your app’s token, on any chain

  • Generate revenue for every user transaction

thirdweb Pay is free to integrate & available on the most popular EVM chains. It comes with all of the following — out of the box, for free:

  • End-to-end credit card processing

  • Liquidity aggregation for the lowest swap fees

  • Built-in UI components for the best user flows

  • Fee splitting on all crypto-to-crypto transactions

Start building with thirdweb Pay and try the live demo app for yourself: