How to sell NFTs to everyone 💎

Plus: The ultimate 3-hour Account Abstraction course! Watch for free.

Selling NFTs to users at scale is problematic: Users need to create a wallet, buy crypto, bridge & swap funds to the correct Layer 2 network… and then transactions get stuck.

This is a terrible user experience, and can immediately cause a user to lose all trust in your app.

thirdweb Engine solves this, automatically resolving failed transactions and ensuring they go through. Combined with Stripe, a user can simply:

  1. Sign in with Google, email, or social account

  2. Pay with a credit card securely

  3. Have an NFT automatically minted & transferred to their wallet

No signing transactions, no paying gas fees, no blockchain complexity. Learn how to build a secure NFT checkout flow, at scale, for your users:

📚️ The Ultimate Account Abstraction Roadmap for Web3 Developers in 2023 [Full Course]

This month, we launched a FREE 3-hour course that teaches you How to Build with Account Abstraction in 2023 — covering everything from:

→ Account Abstraction 101: The basics of Ethereum accounts (EOAs vs. smart accounts), what account abstraction is, and how ERC-4337 works.
 Use Cases: What smart accounts enable — including gasless & signless UX, auto-generated wallets, transaction batching, & token bound accounts.
→ Building Your First App: How to deploy smart accounts, build a web3 app with account abstraction, and 3 examples of ERC-4337 in action for inspiration.

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The next wave of web3 mass adoption is already happening — and the time to build is now.

We’re partnering with Base to host the Consumer Crypto Hackathon, bringing the best builders together in San Francisco to build the next billion-dollar web3 consumer app.

Get resources & expertise from top builders, find your next co-founder, and meet VCs & operators from Coinbase, Haun Ventures, Founders Inc. and Framework Ventures.

Winners will receive prizes ranging from 1 ETH, to $10,000 in thirdweb Pro credits, to intros to investors and amplification across Base & thirdweb’s channels.

Learn more & secure your spot in the Consumer Crypto Hackathon:

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As the home for Superchain builders, we’re offering access to the Superchain Faucet for every thirdweb user.

Claim 20x more testnet ETH than regular faucets, on any Superchain network — including Base, Zora, OP, Mode, Lyra, and Public Goods Network.

Learn more and unlock access to the Superchain Faucet:

🚢 thirdweb Changelog: Weekly Product Updates

Here are some of the updates we’ve made in the past few weeks:

We’re constantly shipping product updates to make thirdweb better. Get the latest updates in our Changelog.

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