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How thirdweb helped reward over 1m+ crypto advocates with collectible NFTs

Last week, Stand With Crypto — the advocacy hub aiming to unlock crypto's potential & foster economic freedom in the US — crossed 1m signatures. 🎉


Since its founding in April 2023, it has amassed:

◆ 1m+ crypto advocates
◆ $87M+ USD raised
◆ 200,000+ policymaker contacts

We're proud to power the Stand With Crypto platform, rewarding 1m+ advocates with onchain rewards:

◆ NFTs airdropped to wallets on Base
◆ No gas or signing txns
◆ No wallet or crypto

Powered by thirdweb Engine. 🚒

Today we launched the new thirdweb chainlist.

thirdweb supports 2000+ EVM chains. To make it easier to discover & choose the best chain for your app, we made some upgrades:

→ filter mainnets, testnets
→ see supported thirdweb services
→ view verified chain pages w/ advanced tools & resources

Explore the new chainlist below, or watch the demo. 

This month we announced our partnership with Layer Zero

Together, we're making it easier to build seamless omnichain apps.

◆ Deploy LayerZero contracts on thirdweb
◆ Build apps, tokens, & experiences that work across 70+ chains

We’re kicking off this partnership by making it easy for developers to deploy Layer Zero’s Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) standard on thirdweb.

The Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) allows fungible tokens to be transferred across blockchains without asset wrapping or middlechains.

This is just the beginning in our effort to bring more tools to developers building cross-chain. ⛓

Account Abstraction has a problem.

Your admin EOA and your smart account have different addresses. That means your assets and onchain data are split in 2 different places.

If you have years of onchain history with your EOA and want to benefit from sponsored transactions and the programmability of smart accounts, you would have to forfeit your original account and onchain history.

However, there’s a solution

On zksync networks, every EOA is already a smart account.

You are able to benefit from Account Abstraction whilst retaining your main wallet address, ENS name and other onchain credentials.

With thirdweb, we’ve made it simple to build with native Account Abstraction on zkSync using our Account Abstraction toolkit.

Simply pass zkSync or zkSyncSepolia as the chain and use the smart account API as you normally would.