EIP-7702 Explained ✨

How the latest Ethereum proposal will unlock the potential of Account Abstraction, when it will go live, and what it means for onchain adoption.

This month, Vitalik Buterin published EIP-7702. 

The proposal is designed to improve on EIP-3074— addressing security concerns that the Ethereum community identified.

TLDR: EIP-7702 modifies EIP-3074 to make more compatible with ERC-4337; so that we don't end up with two separate AA ecosystems.

The core idea introduces a new type of transaction called a "user operation." Unlike regular transactions, user operations are not authenticated with a signature.

Instead, they are authenticated by a smart contract wallet associated with the account. This allows for more flexibility in how transactions are validated.

So how does EIP-7702 work? What does it mean for users? And when will it go live? Learn about all of the above (& more) in our full breakdown:

🚀 LAUNCH: Passkey Sign-In 🤳

This week we launched Passkey Sign-in — create a smart account with fingerprint or Face ID:

  • No account creation

  • No password resets

  • One wallet address across EVM chains

Simple, secure sign-in — powered by Account Abstraction.

⛓ New Chains ⛓

thirdweb supports every EVM chain out-of-the box.

With new chains launching every week, we’re committed to providing dev tools and support to every ecosystem.

Here are this week’s new chains to be added to thirdweb — offering our full stack development kit to builders.

Cyber is the first restaked Ethereum Layer 2 designed for social and optimized for mass adoption. It serves as the social layer for web3 applications and the gateway for the next wave of users to access web3 experiences, tools and financial liquidity across all Layer 2 ecosystems.

Camp is a modular L2 that leverages offchain data from web2 streaming and social platforms to enable onchain value creation. Users can carry their “digital backpacks”, which consists of their off-chain identity layer primarily from social and streaming apps - where users' identities really are.

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