connect your wallet and mint ✨

It's day 1 of the Onchain Olympics β›“πŸŽ– Kicking off with Arbitrum!

It's day one of the Onchain Olympics! β›“πŸ…

A 30 day celebration of the EVM ecosystem β€” here's how it works:

✦ daily NFT drop on an EVM chain
✦ mint NFTs to unlock future building perks
✦ the chain w/ most mints after first 24h wins free deployments for holders

We're kicking off the celebration with Arbitrum.

β—† ultra-fast, low cost
β—† the #1 chain for TVL ($17.66b)
β—† buzzing ecosystem of apps, games and L3's

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 chain, built on top of Ethereum which uses "Arbitrum Rollups."

Arbitrum Rollups perform the majority of computations off-chain, batching them together, and writing the results to Ethereum.

πŸ’‘ This means lower gas fees and faster transaction confirmation times, since Arbitrum only performs "proof of confirmation" if a validator node is suspicious and a transaction might be fraudulent.

Our exclusive NFT drop w/ Arbitrum is live β€” learn more about the chain, connect your wallet and mint. πŸ‘‡