Accelerating the Superchain 🔴

We're excited to partner with Optimism to launch the Superchain App Accelerator — a $3M fund for onchain apps. Apply for credits.

Today, we’re excited to launch the Superchain App Accelerator in partnership with Optimism — a $3M fund created to bring the cost of building & using onchain apps to zero, on any Superchain network.

The Superchain App Accelerator offers credits for developers to build best-in-class onchain apps — with seamless onboarding & no gas fees for users.

With an initial rollout of $450k, Superchain developers will receive credits for the following activities:

• Sponsor user transactions with smart accounts (Now live)
• Deploy contracts, mint NFTs, & perform onchain transactions (Coming soon)
• Use any product in thirdweb’s stack for free (Coming soon)

Want to become a Superchain builder? Apply for the Superchain App Accelerator to claim your credits: