30 NFT drops in 30 days

Introducing the Onchain Olympics β›“πŸŽ– A 30-day celebration of the EVM ecosystem.

Introducing the Onchain Olympics β›“πŸŽ–

Starting July 1st, we're kicking off a 30-day celebration of the EVM ecosystem:

β—† Each day spotlights a new chain
β—† Learn why devs choose to build on it
β—† Exclusive NFT drop w/ perks for holders

30 days. 30 chains. 30 mints. ✨

We're proud to support 2000+ EVM chains, and we believe that devs should be able to choose the perfect chain for their app β€” however, with thousands of options it's hard to know which chain to build on.

Which is why we're launching the Onchain Olympics β›“πŸŽ–.

We've partnered with 30 chains to bring you content on why their chain is the perfect home for your app.

The Onchain Olympics is an opportunity for devs to get their hands on and test networks across the EVM ecosystem.

Every day we will also be dropping an NFT on the highlighted chain.

β—† open-edition
β—† holders receive future perks (gasless deploys, grants)

The chain with the most mints in the first 24 hours after dropping will receive gasless deploys on thirdweb for 30 days. πŸŽ–πŸ‘€

Set a reminder and be the first to mint. πŸ‘‡πŸ“†